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The growth of Thyrocare reflects our quality, commitment and integrity towards delivering right reports to the patients in time. Here we speak about some of our accomplishments and great moments that made Thyrocare.

PharmEasy parent API Holdings acquired a 66.1% stake in Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. Online pharmacy startup PharmEasy is a consumer healthcare “super app” that provides consumers with on-demand, home delivered access to a wide range of prescription, OTC pharmaceutical, other consumer healthcare products, comprehensive diagnostic test services, and teleconsultations thereby serving their healthcare needs.

RNTCP accredited laboratory for First line - Line Probe assay(FL-LPA) & Second line – Line probe assay(SL-LPA).

Focus TB launched – A State of the Art Tuberculosis Diagnostics Facility

Patna Regional Processing Laboratory (RRL) was launched.
Last Mile Executive (LMEs) pickup service started in 15 plus cities.
Thyrocare and Thyroshop Mobile App were launched.
RNTCP accreditation received for Focus TB lab.
Rakshak and Sevak App launched
Highest workload : 71,500 samples in a single day.
Employee counts : > 1200
AU5800 High throughput analyzer installed for Photometry.
ATRAS : High throughput pre-analytical sorter installed.
5000 Plus active franchisees in Network
4 More LCMS machines were installed.

Launched Molecular Biology Division (PCR)

Mumbai Regional Processing Laboratory (RPL) was launched.
Launch of FISH tests under Cytogenetic division.
Last Mile Executive (LMEs) pickup service started in Mumbai and Delhi cities.
Highest Workload - 63,459 samples in a single day.
Employee counts : > 1000
1.03 crore TSH tests processed.
NewBorn Screening Profile launched.
Olympus Microscope with auto scanner installed for Karyotyping analysis.

Launched IFA (Immunofluorescence) for Autoimmunity testing

Highest Workload: 50,265 samples
Employee count: > 800

Aarogyam Today

Launched a second monthly publication addressing daily health concerns - Aarogyam Today

Launched 2 new RPLs and NGSP Certification

Certified with National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program Certification (NGSP) for HbA1c Testing
Launched 2 Regional Processing Laboratories- Bhopal and Bangalore, with state-of-the-art automations efficient as CPL, controlled via a centralized server.

Entered the Public listed sphere of healthcare - IPO

Thyrocare’s maiden Initial Public Offering received a remarkable response from all categories of subscribers.
Thyrocare received total bids of about 75 times of equity shares offered for sale with:
Retail investor category subscribed about 9 times of reserved equity shares offered
QIB category subscribed about 74 times of reserved category
Non-institutional investors category subscribed about 225 times of reserved equity shares offered for sale for the stated category
Further, Thyrocare got a stellar listing on 9 May 2016 with stock prices zooming more than 45% of the higher price band of share price within few minutes of listing hours.

Whaters Testing Laboratory and Launched 4 RPLs

Launched Whaters : a brand dedicated for water testing and a Cytogenetic Division at CPL
Launched four Regional Processing Laboratories - Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, with state-of-the-art automations controlled via a centralized server

Aptio Launched and 1000 Franchisees

Launched Aptio, world’s largest 93.5m automation track from Siemens with Laboratory Automation System (LAS
Crossed above 1000 franchisees in Network

Global Presence, LC-MS & GC-FID Launch

Thyrocare goes international with partners in Gulf, Bangladesh and Nepal.
Analytical chemistry division equipped with robust, highly sensitive and sophisticated analyzers:
LC-MS- 8040 (2 Nos.) for steroids and vitamins testing
GC-FID 7890B Series (1 No.) for detecting volatile organic compounds in water

Total Laboratory Automation

Installed Asia’s first and Worlds longest Total Lab Automation (Siemens).
Launched the automated urinalysis with LH 800 and ESR with Vesmatic cube 80.
Installed India’s first Pre-Analytical Sorter- HCTS 2000 m.u.t with a throughput of ~1700 samples/hr.
Samples: 21,000 samples | Turnover: 91 Crore | Staffs: 400

Automation for ELISA introduced with Mago 4.
Installed India’s first automated samples sorter, Integrity Analyzer and Archiving automation RSD Pro (3 Nos) with a throughput of 1200 samples/hr making us India’s first completely automated laboratory.
Launched ICP-MS analyzers (2 Nos.) : iCAP Q ICP-MS analyzer (throughput ~60 samples/hr) and Agilent 7700 series (throughput ~30 samples/hr) for elemental testing.
Thyrocare moved to a 2.5 Lakh sq. ft. office space in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai.
Samples: 23,000 | Turnover: 100 crore | Staffs: 450

CX Partners Invested & Nueclear Healthcare Limited Was Born

Launched iodized Thyrocare Salt to fight against Thyroid Disorders.
Introduced Hematology parameters.
Samples: 17,000 | Turnover: 49 Crore | Staffs: 300

CX Partners invests in Thyrocare
Samples: 19,000 | Turnover: 66 Crore | Staffs: 350

Introduced Sugarscan- Blood Glucose monitor

Recorded highest workload on 25.02.2008 - 10200 samples (then highest workload)
Introduced Point of Care Diabetic screening with SugarScan.
Samples: 15,000 | Staffs: 260 | Turnover: 44 Crore

New premises at Turbhe, Navi Mumbai

Centralized processing laboratory shifted to a 50,000 sq.ft. area with modern infrastructure of international standards, in Navi Mumbai
Installed the then world’s fastest photometry analyzer – Olympus AU2700.
Samples: 12,000 | Staffs: 225 | Turnover: 35 Crore

CAP Certification

Certified by The College of American Pathologists (CAP) for meeting global standards of quality and competence in testing

DSA Project Launch

Launched DSA model for promotion of preventive care profiles.
Launched Kidleak – a screening test for microalbuminuria for diabetic renal damage
Samples: 10,000 samples | Staffs: 200 | Turnover: 29 Crore

Healthscreen Magazine

Launched a pre-patient care monthly magazine - Healthscreen.
Samples: 8000 samples | Staffs: 175 | Turnover: 23 Crore

NABL Certification

Accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) for the global standards of Quality in laboratory processing.
A comprehensive preventive care profile launched under the brand Aarogyam on 03.01.2005.
Recognized for contribution with Chemtech - Pharmabio Awards, New Delhi.

Introduced Unique Barcoding System

Awarded a recognition by Franchisee India for innovative concept in the field of "Health Aids and Services".
Recorded highest number of samples since inception: 5799 samples on 14.12.2004
Introduced the innovative system of barcoding samples nationwide – the first ever in a diagnostic industry system.
Also introduced Bi-Directional interfacing with Servers and Analysers.
Procured 10 nos. of Transasia XL-300 for upgrade in photometry automation.
Nationwide Barcode Driven Project launched for labs and physicians.
Launched Online Laboratory near International Airport, Mumbai for faster reporting.
Samples: 6000 samples | Staffs: 150 | Turnover: 22 Crore

New Centaurs Launch

Laboratory automation was upgraded with the installation of 6 Advia Centaur instruments.
Report delivery system to the network was updated to web based IT solutions with username and password supported network management system - www.velumani.com (VMC).
Number of tests increased with the introduction of Photometry and Nephelometry technology.
Specialized tests like HbA1C for diabetes screening, CD348 for infections and HB27 for arthritis were launched.
Samples: 4000 | Staffs: 120 | Turnover: 18 Crore

ISO and CRISIL Certification

Accredited by ISO for commitment to Quality.
Certified by CRISIL as Standalone Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory with Grade A.
Launched Western blot as a confirmatory HIV test.
Use of sprint mail to to deliver reports to the network started.
Samples: 1600 | Staffs: 80 | Turnover: 9 Crore
Entered a major agreement with Bayer Diagnostics (Presently Siemens) and launched Thyroid tests by CLIA technology using the instrument ACS 180.
Developed and launched in-house software - Backbone (ERP) & Thyrosoft (LIMS).
Samples: 2500 | Staffs: 100 | Turnover: 13 Crore

Thyrosoft to Print Reports

Test menu of the lab increased to 50, first automated analyzer – Immulite-1000, introduced in the Lab.
Integrated air-cargo logistics system with email reporting facility to its nationwide network was set up.
First monthly magazine in diagnostic industry – Clinical Lab Technology, was launched to keep technicians, physicians, pathologists and lab owners updated on new and upcoming technologies in laboratory operations.
First in-house ERP software using Foxpro was developed and launched.

Samples: 800 | Staffs: 60 | Turnover: 5 Crore

First Automation with Immulite 1000

Introduced Web-server based reporting to laboratory testing to its network.
Samples: < 100 | Staffs: 10
Introduced new tests using technology like ELISA and HEMAGGLUTINATION, started delivering using facsimile.
Samples: < 200 | Staffs: 15 | Franchisee: < 50 | Turnover: 1 Crore

Moved to a 2500 sq. feet premises.
Added TORCH testing (ELISA) to the menu
Samples: < 200 | Staffs: 15 | Franchisee: < 50 | Turnover: 1 Crore

We were born

Thyrocare was founded with single focus on thyroid testing and to provide quality reports to the patients at the most competitive rates using the Nobel prize winning technology RIA. Only 7 Tests in Menu.

Thyroid profile launched @ Rs.100

Samples: 25 | Staffs: 4