Blood Collection Technician (BTech)



The world is fast changing with the increasing speed of connectivity and customer expectations. Thyrocare has been in forefront studying and adapting these changes very smartly and quickly in the Healthcare space. Premium Wellness packages at the comfort of customer’s home has been the unique proposition of Thyrocare under the brand “Aarogyam”. This is questioning and helping stage the health quotient of Indians in a very promising way. India is a huge country and the wellness market future is probably the most bright and exciting in coming year. We want to create an army of 10,000 technicians who can service any Indian across the country. BTech – Blood Collection Technician, concept is created for making this possible. It not only gives skilled and training technicians to country but also helps create a wonderful career for the technicians. BTech, though very important, often don’t get the due importance or opportunity. We want to create that future for the Phlebotomist who will in turn build a healthy future for India.

If you see a calling in this because you are independent, talented, determined and hardworking.. Join us!

Who can be a BTech

  • DMLT qualified
  • Experienced atleast 1 year in process of venipuncture (blood collection)
  • Having smartphone and 2W
  • Ready for outdoor work

Why Thyrocare BTech is the best opportunity for any DMLT?

  • Excellent earning opportunity
  • Robust software and training support
  • Far bigger earning opportunities awaiting
  • Direct interaction with company
  • No deposit/No investment/No targets

Earning Opportunities

  • Everyday 3-4 orders will be available to Pick up and serve
  • If your performance is good, you get opportunity to serve company camps
  • You also can arrange camps and earn very good margin, if you show consistent performance

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