Good Sleep For a Young Heart

After a long tiresome day everybody deserves and more so needs a good sleep to recover from excruciating burden faced during work. An insufficient quota of sleep has merciless effects altering the functioning of our body.
One third of our life is spent sleeping, now this not because humanity has enjoyed it and seeks comfort through sleep. The medical benefits out-weigh the time consumed during sleep and hence no second thoughts can be given to this decision of ours.

How much sleep is ideal ?

It is recommended that adults between the age group of 18-64 should sleep between 6-9 hours daily, where as those above 65 should look to sleep for 7-8 hours. Now this also is left at an individuals discretion depending on the physical activity done through the day and quality of food eaten. If your work demands high physical strain then you must look to give your body the rest it deserves. Also, a diet that has raw fruits and vegetables always demands less sleep as compared to cooked food rich in carbohydrate and sugar.

Dizzy and Diseased !

A soothing sleep re-energize our body and mind to ensures finesse in our conduct. Any changes in this regime invites troublesome disorders. Our brain’s signaling system becomes impaired, as a result we experience fatigue, dizziness, physical strain, lethargy and many such indications. Our memory and thinking ability takes a hit and prolonged state of this kind accounting for days may lead to psychotic disorders and depression.

Hearts Ability is Challenged!

Lack of sleep has severe effects incapacitating the hearts functional abilities. Our Blood Pressure (BP) tends to increase, that causes increased oxygen consumption in the body and carbon dioxide production rises. Hypertension is prevalent because of this change in mechanism and further invites various cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Chest pain, heart attack and even a stroke can get triggered in such cases. Further, changes in our metabolism also occurs that can cause arthritis, obesity and diabetes. All these disorders inturn again make us prone to developing heart diseases.

Screening can warn!

A regular health check up may predict as well as diagnose the diseases and disorders that could develop because of any changed pattern of sleep.

Work and sleep are parallelly important and cannot be ignored to suit ones need. Hence the underlying message of the article draws attention towards ailments that can grown in us if we alter the ordered biological cycle of sleep.