How the human growth hormone controls your aging? A hormone that builds your body

The very growth of your body is credited to the Human Growth Hormone (hGH). It causes the growth of your organs, hands, legs and gives you the height you have. This hypothalamus part of the brain releases a protein which acts on a gland that eventually releases the hGH. Once released in the blood it acts on various organs to bring about its functions. Proteins that build up your body is present because of the action of hGH. Liver and your skeletal muscles are its primary target of action. Then the liver releases Insulin Like Growth Factor, which is required for growth and development of the body. The hGH increases during teenage years, that is when maximum growth and development of the body takes place.

Released during sleep

During sleep this hormone has maximum release and its functions are enhanced. So its of vital importance that we do not disturb our sleep cycle. Especially teenagers and young adults, who are a regular defaulter are the worse affected ones. It may not hamper them at that age, but this will have a long lasting effect as they will slowly become prone to diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart stroke/attack.

Age is a barrier here!

1. The level of hormones produced in our body decreases with increase in age.

2. The hormone makes our body lean, build muscle and bones and hence we have much mechanical strength in the young age.
3. Our mental strength of learning and memorizing also is at its best when maximum amount of this hormone is produced.
4. It acts on our cells and tissues, giving a superior look to our skin. This further gets reflected on our body’s glamour and over all posture.
5. With increase in age, as the level of hormones go down, we land up in various health issues.
6. Diabetes, bad cholesterol, weight gain, memory problems, poor capacity of doing physical exercise, thin dry skin, weak bones and muscles, and many more show up when hGH levels go down with age.

Testing the hormone

The hormones levels can be tested to understand the health condition and predict diseases, in case it is not sufficient. A urine or blood sample is generally taken and an ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) based test is performed.

Gain to avoid pain

The take away message here is that your health is determined most by the quality of your life at an early age. So it’s advisable that you take maximum benefit, when the body offers it to make a competent tomorrow.