What factors can trigger infertility?

Infertility is the inability to bear a child due to factors affecting the reproductive health. It is seen in every one out of six couple and can affect both male as well as female equally. The word infertility is used when after trying to conceive for one year pregnancy does not fulfill.

Have you ever wondered why this problem existing since time immemorable is now more frequently seen?

Stress- Anxiety, depression and stress can cause hormonal imbalances, and also increase levels of stress hormone cortisol. This inturn has a negative effect in fertility. Infact pre-conception stress and anxiety also further induces infertility.

Infections- Certain bacteria and viruses can cause infections that may have an impact on the fertility. Sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis of the uterus and Human Papilloma Virus infection are some of the prime causes of infertility.

Thyroid- Disorders of the thyroid gland, specifically hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroid disorders (body attacks its own cells) are strongly related to fertility problems.

Diabetes- Reduced insulin sensitivity or action and increased blood glucose levels triggers obesity, metabolic syndrome and hence, infertility.

Contraceptive Pills- When consumed for a long term or in increased frequency oral contraceptive pills have adverse effects on fertility.

PCOS- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in females causes sex hormone (androgen) imbalance, irregular menstrual periods and cyst formation in the ovaries. This makes conceiving difficult in such women.

Body Weight- Metabolic functions and hormone disturbances, are witnessed in individuals who are too thin or fat which can determine fertility.

Family History- Genetic build up of an individual largely determines the fertility.

Age- Increased age is medically proven to affect fertility in men as well as women and also makes conception difficult.

Lifestyle- Sedentary habits, decreased physical activity and long sitting time can make you obese, hypertensive, diabetic and thus witness fertility issues.

Eating Habits- The food you eat defines your health! PCOS is more common in obese females so is decreased sperm count in diabetic or obese males. Smoking and alcohol intake also directly affects fertility.

A vicious cycle of tests, consultations, treatment and therapies is all what you get caught up in thereafter! All in the hope of bringing to life a baby having your bloodline and genes.

Mystic is the process of bring a being to life, let’s keep it that way and not let our habits temper with it!!